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#12th April. Where We Put Our Focus, is Where We Get Our Results!!!

Hi everyone, What fantastic news the Government announced for our profession yesterday. The Team and I are looking forward to the proposed date of Monday12th April 2021. Allowing us to return to the salon, to transform the hair of all of you, our wonderful and treasured clients. Yes that is YOU!!! This lockdown has been more taxing than the previous two, but today feels Positive, Brighter, to be honest it feels Fantastically Fabulous. It is exciting that we now have a date to focus on and get organised for.

#How Booking Forward Will Work.

For all you lovely people that had appointments booked during the lockdown period, Lauren and myself will be rescheduling all of these for you. A confirmation email/text will be sent to you, with the time and date of your new appointment. (Once you receive this please let us know asap if the selected day is inconvenient.)


Clients that wear Racoon Lux Links or Tapes will be our first priority. It is essential that we remove and refit these for you. To the ladies that wear either of these systems, if you require new hair please send a message via email stating the amount of hair that you need us to order for you.


#Opening of our On-Line Booking System.

As with the roadmap that the government has published to the nation, I also would like to proceed with a certain amount of caution. So as set out above, clients that already have deposits with us and that have missed appointments will have priority, and will be rescheduled.

We propose to open our online Booking System around the Easter Holidays. The date will be announced on all platforms 48hrs before the booking system is opened. This is to ensure we have room to reschedule, the already rescheduled clients. This is also enabling protection of Our amazing, dedicated team from working exceptionally long and manic hours. Therefore if the government decide that the 12th April isn't safe for reopening. Cutting Rooms On line Booking System will remain closed. Bookings that have been requested by clients via other methods (i.e. email, social media, our app chat) will only be made when we open the online booking. A payment link will be sent via text for your appointment deposit. Confirmation will be sent via email/text.

This is the fairest and safest approach that I can take as the salon owner. This structure is for both you the client and every member of my Team.

The Girls at Cutting Room value each and every client that we look after, we really can not wait to return to the salon floor. We will endeavour to make your appointments as soon as we know it is safe to do so.

Lets all Stay Safe, Stay Focused, and make the date of the 12th April 2021 HAPPEN.

Love n Light


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