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#Approaching week 6

Can you believe it’s been almost 6 weeks since we temporarily closed 😩 Please hang on in there and wait for us, no box dyes, no cheeky fringe trims! It’ll be soo worth it..Each week our team are having virtual zoom meetings, yesterday’s meeting specifically regarding the procedures when we do re open. As most of you will already know we can guarantee we will do everything we can do to make the salon safe for you to enter. Each team member has completed whilst in lockdown a Barbicide course managing sanitation and disinfection..Of course we do not yet have a date for re opening, and are patiently waiting for the governments advice. However we feel a plan needs to be made now, so these changes can be in place ready to reopen as soon as it is made possible! So, as much as we still have some uncertainty we can be sure for a while salon life won’t be back to normal, but if we can open, get back to hair, and keep you all safe that’s good enough for us! Some things may not be the same but we can guarantee our standards, professionalism, and friendly team will never change! Love and Light to you all xx

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