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Extension Fitting Pricing Restructure

Hello, Hope everyone is well and enjoying your Wednesday. Its half way to the weekend!! Hooraahhh! Just an update for our current and new extension clients as we have had a new pricing structure on all hair extensions. As advised by our suppliers and following in line with other salons pricing structures, we have changed ours. Previously clients were charged per hour for fitting at an hourly rate, this is no longer and all clients from today will pay per pack not per hour.

Prices are as follows:-

Racoon Luxe Links/Spectrum one I-Tips- 41 pounds per pack.

Example..... If you have 2 packs of hair it would be 80 pounds for fitting, if you have 5 packs of hair it would be 200 for fitting and so on.

Racoon Tapes/Spectrum One Tapes- 27 pounds per pack.

Example..... If you have 1 pack of tapes 27 pound for fitting, if you have 4 packs of tapes it would be 108 for fitting.

On each service of rotation(where hair has been previously fitted and is due for maintenance) a removal cost will be applied.

For Tapes it's 30 pounds which includes removal, cleanse, and re tape.

For Luxe links/I-tips it is 20 pounds which includes removal, cleanse and re bead. These prices are set across the board for all members of staff to keep our pricing consistent and fair. If you would like to speak to a member off staff about the changes, or any queries please call salon and speak to Leigh or Lauren and we will be happy to help.

Please Note, These are fitting prices only, hair pricing quotations are given on consultation as this is a personalized quote dependent on length, colour and quantity.

Thank you

The team xxx

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