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#Laura’s News.

Hi this is Laura,

I’m trying to contact all my clients to send you my love & support. Due to this terrible pandemic and the salon closing. I’ve not been able to tell most of you my news. Firstly I am so excited to announce that I am pregnant and having a beautiful boy. He is due on 1.10.20.

Secondly. This has been a massive decision for Me to make, and it’s taken a lot for me to decide. Following the advice from my midwife I won’t be back in salon until after my maternity leave has finished. I enter my third trimester as the salon hopefully reopens and Planned My maternity leave  from 1.9.20, this puts me in the high risk category and everyone’s priority is keeping both me and baby safe. It’s a massive decision to make and certainly has not been easy, but it is necessary.

I have made a list of all my clients and made a note of who I feel would be best to look after you in my absence, if you have a request on which stylist you have please feel free to let us no but if not I can arrange who will be your stylist untill I’m back. Finally I cannot thank you all enough for your support this year, it’s been a difficult one so far but me and baby are healthy.

I hope your all well and staying safe during this difficult time, Once the salon is allowed to re open, we are planning for me to link up remotely. I will be the virtual member of the team. This way I can be involved with client consultations, and share the joy of my pregnancy while keeping safe. So I look forward to seeing you at your appointment. Sending all my love.


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