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Our Salon Policy from 19th July 2021

Please be gentle with us:

We Are Not Quite Ready Yet …..

Unfortunately or fortunately I suppose it depends on your personal views.

But to protect the staff and other customers collectively, the team and myself feel that we will remain implementing all of our Covid policy's and procedures that are listed below.

. We will Remain working at distance

. We will Remain cleaning, handwashing/sanitising and implementing hygiene procedures

. We will provide adequate ventilation

. We will still require you to fill out the Covid form prior to your appointment.

. We will continue to ask you to sterilise your hands on entry.

. We will continue to take your temperature.

We know that mask wearing is no longer mandatory, But we believe that Wearing is Caring, none of us know who may be classed as vulnerable, lets show respect to all.

Love n Light #TeamCuttingRoom

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Gillian Smith
Gillian Smith
Jul 19, 2021

Makes good sense to me. Happy to comply and fully support the staff team and your decision. Thankyou for all that you have done and continue to do to ensure the safety of us all when at the salon 🥰

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